Sunday 3 March 2013

Dick Madness Round One Part Three

Part 3, featuring eight more match-ups for your viewing and voting pleasure!

 Round One, Part 3

 The Match-Ups  (follow the links for the full write-ups)

Richard II vs. Dick Sprang: childless, deposed king of England (who features prominently in my dissertation) vs. a comic-book artist from Fremont, Ohio (go Ohio!)

Richard Engel vs. Richard Cory: the baby face of news vs. the main character from a poem and a Simon & Garfunkel song

Richard Branson vs. R.W.Southern: brash, British CEO of everything Virgin vs. a medievalist historian extraordinaire

St. Richard vs. Richard Dudgeon: a canonized medieval bishop vs. the Devil’s Disciple from the George Bernard Shaw play

Dick Tracy vs. Richard Burton Matheson: the yellow-coated, square-jawed detective vs. a legendary sci-fi author

Rick Scott vs. Dick Clark: jerk-face governor of Florida vs. America’s Oldest Teenager

Richard Horatio Blair vs. Richard III: the son of George Orwell vs. Richard III (seriously, do I even need to tell you about him?)

Richard Shelton vs. Richard Mentor Johnson: a young medieval knight from a Robert Louis Stevenson novel vs. a slave-marrying, bar-owning vice president of the United States

As usual, you don’t have to vote for all the match-ups. I would love it if you did, but you can pick and choose if you so desire. To vote you can:

-e-mail your picks to me at

-leave them in the comments (blogspot)

-Ask-box message me (Tumblr)

-reblog and give your votes (Tumblr) if you don’t care about secrecy

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