Monday 18 March 2013

Dick Madness Round Three

It's that time again - time for a new round of Dick Madness!

We had a couple of close calls (most notably Dick van Dyke vs. Richard Pryor).

True to form, however, Richard crushed the competition.

The Match-Ups:

Dick van Dyke vs. Richard Mansfield: two actors. Dick is a jolly man with one of the worst pretend- cockney accents anywhere; Richard was a Victorian actor (mainly Shakespeare) who portrayed Mr. Hyde so well an audience member thought he was Jack the Ripper.

Richard Steiff vs. Richard Parker: the teddy-bear man vs. some very tasty sailors (and a tiger).

Dick Whittington vs. Richard Sherman: medieval mayor of London whose life later became a fairy tale vs. a composer for Disney, who probably should have written the soundtrack to Whittington's story (staring Dick's cat).

Richard Hennessy vs. Dick Grayson: Mr. Cognac (helper of rappers everywhere) vs. the original Robin, the Boy Wonder (Batman's little helper)

Richard II vs. R.W. Southern: medieval king vs. medieval scholar.

Dick Tracy vs. Richard III: you had a good run, Mr. Tracy.

Richard Loving vs. Richard I: the man who helped bring you legal interracial marriage against the Lionheart.

Richard Wright vs. Richard Doubledick: author vs. character (created by Dickens).


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Deadline is Noon Pacific time on Sunday, March 24.

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