Monday 4 March 2013

Dick Madness Round One Part Four

Part 4 has arrived!!

The Match-Ups

Richard Rodgers vs. Richard J.Daley: composer of all your favorite musicals vs. Papa Daley, Mayor of Chicago

Richard Loving vs. Dick Wolf: the man who helped make interracial marriage legal vs. the creator of Law & Order

Richard I vs. Richard Neville,earl of Warwick: the Lionheart of Robin Hood fame vs. the man who made and unmade kings in late medieval England

Dick Diver vs. Dick Lugar: stand-in for F. Scott Fitzgerald in Tender is the Night vs.

Richard Woodville vs. RichardWright: a medieval nobleman who was father of a queen and later murdered vs. a great American author

Dick Brett (Invisible Dick) vs. Richard le Rakiere: a kid with invisibility juice vs. a Dick who drowned to death in shit

Richard Bird vs. Richard Doubledick: an actual bird, an actor, a politician, a computer scientist, or an embezzler - Richard Bird is a flexible type vs. a Dickens' character with a ridiculous name


Richard M. Daley vs. Little Richard: the younger Daley, mayor of Chicago vs. a pioneer of Rock ‘n Roll 

Voting: like last year, you don’t have to vote for all the match-ups. I would love it if you did, but you can pick and choose if you so desire. To vote you can:

-e-mail your picks to me at
-leave them in the comments (blogspot)
-Ask-box message me (Tumblr)
-reblog and give your votes (Tumblr) if you don’t care about secrecy

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