Monday 25 March 2013

Dick Madness Round Four

We're down to the final eight contenders. This is a big week, too: we have come to the Richard II - Richard III showdown. This is like Duke versus North Carolina in college basketball. It's like Manchester United versus Manchester City in the English Premier League. It's like the US versus Russia in the Cold War. It's like ... a really big deal, basically.

Godspeed, monarchs, and may the most Dick king win.

The Match-Ups

Dick van Dyke vs. Richard Steiff: famed entertainer vs. the inventor of the teddy bear

Richard Sherman vs. Dick Grayson: composer of some of the finest Disney ditties vs. the original Robin, the Boy Wonder

Richard II vs. Richard III: a knife to my heart. Vote wisely! Let's see some turn-out here, people!

Richard Loving vs. Richard Wright: the husband in Loving vs. Virginia, the Supreme Court case that legalized interracial marriage vs. a great American author


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