Saturday 2 March 2013

Dick Madness Round One Part Two

Part 2, featuring eight more match-ups for your viewing and voting pleasure!

As usual, you don’t have to vote for all the match-ups. I would love it if you did, but you can pick and choose if you so desire. To vote you can:

-e-mail your picks to me at
-leave them in the comments (blogspot)
-Ask-box message me (Tumblr)
-reblog and give your votes (Tumblr) if you don’t care about secrecy

Round One, Part 2

The Match-Ups (follow the links for the full write-ups)

Richard, earl of Cornwall vs. Dick Cheney: here we have two political figures, so this match-up kind of makes sense. Cornwall was the younger brother of England’s King Henry III and was also King of the Romans (which is really “Germany”). Cheney used to be the Vice President of the United States and he shot a buddy in the face. Oh, and he looks like Penguin!

Dick Whittington vs. Richard, earl of Cambridge: whoo-hoo two medieval dudes! The real Dick Whittington was the mayor of London; the nursery-rhyme Dick Whittington owed his success to his cat. Cambridge was a member of the royal family who was executed by Henry V.

Richard Nixon vs. Richard Cromwell: more political figures! Nixon was once President of the US and “not a crook” (his words, not mine!). Cromwell was the son and heir of Oliver Cromwell. Richard tried to rule England as protector, but he was terrible and the monarchy was brought back instead.

Richard Rich vs. Richard Sherman: Rich was a douche who got Thomas More murdered. Sherman wrote a bunch of fabulous Disney songs.

Richard Dix vs. Richard, earl ofArundel: a Hollywood actor vs. an abrasive earl that was once bitch-slapped by Richard II. Good times.

Richard Hennessy vs. Richard Dawson: the man behind Hennessy cognac vs. Mr. Family Feud.

Dick Whitman vs. Richard, duke ofYork: the birth name of Don Draper (Mad Men) vs. the father of Richard III.

Richard Monckton Milnes vs. Dick Grayson: Victorian gentleman with an unsurpassed collection of erotic literature vs. the original Robin, the Boy Wonder (later Nightwing, later still Batman, but now Nightwing again).

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