Monday 1 April 2013

Dick Madness Round Five

Here we are, finally at the semi-finals. It's down to our final four Dicks.

In last week's epic battle, Richard III emerged the victor. However, Richard II put up a fight this year. I believe Ben Whishaw, who portrayed Richard in 2012's BBC version of Shakespeare's Richard II, really helped Richard's chances. Anne of Bohemia should also receive some credit because she's just plain awesome and, as one voter pointed out, Anne and Richard are a cute couple. To quote "Because Richard II/Anne of Bohemia is my historical OTP." I can get behind that!

As a consolation prize, I claimed the Tumblr URL "fuckyeahrichardii." It doesn't have any posts yet, but it will!

The Match-Ups

We have Dicks on one side and Richards on the other.

Dick van Dyke vs. Dick Grayson: entertainer against Robin the Boy Wonder

Richard III vs. Richard Loving: King of England vs. making interracial marriage legal

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