Monday 15 April 2013

And the winner is ...

In a hard-fought battle between Richard III and Dick Grayson, only one Dick can reign supreme. Who was the victor?

It was a tie! Seriously, Richard III and Dick Grayson got the same number of votes, and I couldn't bring myself to break the tie. I love them both too much.

I hereby declare Richard III king of historical Richards.

I hereby declare Dick Grayson a god among fictional Richards.

I will note that Dick Grayson's butt really seemed to give him an edge. Several people commented on its beauty. For some, it was the reason they voted for Dick Grayson. For others, they voted for Richard III despite his "not as cute" butt.

If only I had a butt-shot of Richard III. For comparative purposes only, of course. That would be quite the competition.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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