Monday 28 May 2012

The House that Dick Built

About two months ago, I was vacationing in Key West, Florida with my family. For those of you who don’t know, Key West is a famed drinking-and-partying spot. It’s also very gay friendly (and nakedness friendly – they have several topless bars). There’s also more academic fun as well. I stayed right down the street from Ernest Hemingway’s House, which I did not visit because 1) I detest Hemingway and his lame-ass female characters and 2) I was not paying $12.50 to tour it! I did manage, however, to find some free, historical, Richard-related fun (which meets all of my requirements for a good time), and even dragged my family along. Luckily for them, it was a short visit.

And what, you ask, was this amazing adventure? Well, it was a trip to “The Oldest House in Key West,” which was built circa 1829 by Richard W. Cussans, a ship’s carpenter. I don’t know too much about Cussans; aside from building this house, he didn’t leave much of a mark on the historical record. So please allow these pictures to provide an extra two thousand words to the story of Richard Cussans. For more on the house, see

To round out this post of constructing Dicks, I also give you a picture of Chateau Gaillard, a castle in Normandy that was built under the direction of Richard I (the Lion-heart). Sadly these pictures are not mine because I have not been to visit (someday!); you can find more here on Wikipedia.

And a little FYI for you all: June is going to be “Fictional Dick Month” (for no apparent reason; I just decided that it should be). This means I’ll be posting about books and giving the plot away. Consider yourselves warned – spoilers ahead!

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