Wednesday 29 August 2012

People Sullying the Good Name of Richard

Sadly, there are some real dicks out there who are named Richard. Tragic (and poetically just) but true. Here are a couple of these douchebags.

Rich Ricci: one of the main bankers involved in the LIBOR scandal. I’m no economist, but the scandal had something to do with banks in London artificially manipulating the interest they charged other banks. In a nutshell, it was shady dealing.

I could find surprisingly little about Mr. Ricci online (not that I looked super hard), so I’m not 100 percent sure his name is Richard. But it probably is: Rich is a pretty common nickname for Richard. What I do know about Ricci just amounts to a resume; he started working at Barclay’s in 1994 and resumed his current position (screwing us all over) in June 2012. Do you think his parents knew he was destined to be a financier when they named him?

Side note: a man named Richard Ricci was a person of interest in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping. Ricci refused to confess (since he didn’t do it) and died in jail (other charges) from a brain hemorrhage a few weeks later. Poor guy. If he were alive, I bet he would be mad that Mr. LIBOR up there is tainting his name.

Dick Masterson: a true piece of work. He is a hard-core chauvinist and runs the website I saw a clip of this guy on the Dr. Phil show and he spouted such gems as “men created everything” (no word on how babies are made without women’s contributions), “if you see a woman in a nice car it means she’s owned,” and “all women are basically prostitutes.” Naturally, I am offended by what this guy says, but a part of me thinks (and hopes) he’s just pretending. That he’s saying all of these crazy things for attention, a la Lady Gaga and her weird fashion. It’s still completely offensive (and dangerous because it gives added to fuel to other woman-haters), but I really hope Masterson doesn’t actually believe this crap.

It also turns out that (thankfully) Dick isn’t his real name. According to the remnants of Masterson’s deleted Wikipedia page (yes, he was deleted from Wikipedia!), his real name is Dax Herrera. Seriously – Dax?! I’m just thankfully he isn’t truly a Richard, but I’m annoyed he’s taking the name and using it for evil. Of course, maybe he’s calling himself Dick as a signal to us all that he is truly being a dick and is just faking his virulent misogyny.

Anyway, these guys make me sad. They are ruining a perfectly good name. Alas.

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