Monday 11 March 2013

Dick Madness Round Two

The votes have been counted and some Dicks are going home. Better luck next year, guys!

A few of the races were decided by only one vote, so keep the votes coming. You could be the deciding factor in the next round!

We had one shut-out: Richard III annihilated Richard Horatio Blair. Poor Mr. Blair. I still think you're cool.

Richard II had a much better first round this year. He handily defeated Dick Sprang, but his next round might be more difficult.

The Big Reveal

The Match-Ups

Dick van Dyke vs. Richard Pryor: two entertainers duke it out

Richard Loeb vs. Richard Mansfield: a convicted murderer vs. a suspect in the Jack-the-Ripper case (Mansfield was actually a Shakespearean actor and definitely not the perp)

Richard Parkes Bonington vs. Richard Steiff: creator of beautiful paintings vs. the creator of the teddy bear. Tough choice.

Richard Parker vs. Richard Rolle: sailor eaten by his buddies (or Spider-Man's dad or a tiger) vs. a medieval mystic

Richard, earl of Cornwall vs. Dick Whittington: two medieval men! The son of King John vs. the Mayor of London (or man with a cat, if you prefer fiction)

Richard Nixon vs. Richard Sherman: US President vs. songwriter for Disney

Richard, earl of Arundel vs. Richard Hennessy: the bitch-slappin' continues as Arundel advances to another round. The earl who got slapped by Richard II takes on Mr. Cognac.

Richard, duke of York vs. Dick Grayson: Richard III's daddy vs. the original Robin, the Boy Wonder

Right side:

Richard II vs. Richard Engel: King of England from 1377-1399 vs. a cute newsman

R.W. Southern vs. Richard Dudgeon: premier medievalist vs. The Devil's Disciple from the Shaw play. Apparently, we like evil as Dudgeon soundly trounced St. Richard in Round One.

Dick Tracy vs. Dick Clark: yellow-coat-wearing gumshoe vs. Mr. New Year's Eve (until his death)

Richard III vs. Richard Shelton: Richard III vs. a fictional medieval knight from Stevenson's The Black Arrow. Interestingly enough, Shelton actually fights under the command of Richard III (then just a duke) in the novel.

Richard Rodgers vs. Richard Loving: composer of musicals vs. the man who helped make interracial marriage possible

Richard I vs. Dick Diver: King of England from 1189-1199 vs. the Fitzgerald stand-in from Tender is the Night

Richard Wright vs. Dick Brett: American author vs. Invisible Dick

Richard Doubledick vs. Little Richard: Dickens' character vs. Rock 'n Roll


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Last day for voting is Sunday, March 17 at Noon Pacific Time.

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